Veritech has been involved in designing and developing safety-critical embedded systems software for the devices used in medical field, automotive electronics, and aircraft industries. We have participated in developing embedded software and interactive GUIs for various class of applications examples – consumer, medical and telecom products. We do have a talented pool of embedded software engineers/developers who can deliver in variety of software development programming tools, microprocessors, and real-time operating systems. VERITECH can undertake turnkey embedded software development projects for new products, and provides specific need based services for the existing ones. Our embedded product lifecycle services include:.

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New Product Development: Right from conducting Feasibility study, architecture, modeling systems design, embedded systems software development and testing as applied for embedded systems, release management, and feature driven development

Embedded Product Reengineering: Study existing specs and come up with reengineering specs and apply incremental changes to entire products by allocating requirements in both Hardware and Software. This is done keeping in mind that the newly reengineered product provides better performance and reliability. Sometime the requirement is to just move from one OS to another and sometime just change of hardware or both.

Product Maintenance : Software enhancements, Software defect tracking and fixing, feature enhancements, regression testing, and maintenance releases.

Testing and verification: Test plan design, embedded system design, test automation and scripting, compatibility and interoperability, compliance testing, and regression testing


SIC & FPGA design: We specialize in VLSI ASIC, FPGA, SoC design and verification services. Our expertise involves from architecture design, RTL design, full-functional FPGA prototypes development, verification, synthesis and back-end support. This helps our customers to improve their design cycle and achieve faster go to market.

Board Design: Veritech offers expertise from concept to board prototyping – This include diagnostics, BSP and Driver development. We have done PCB designs of upto 20 layers, 800 MHz Bus speeds, 3.2 GHz signal traces. Board testing includes signal integrity and standards compliance and have achieved the fastest time for developing a quality PCB.

PCB Layout Services: Veritech provides PCB Layout Services for in-house Components Engineering Support, in-house PCB CAD design using industry standard CAD packages, Our tie ups for quick turnaround PCB fabrication, PCB assembly & Rework including BGA components.

Product Re-engineering Services: Product Hardware engineering services team has developed solutions for management of obsolescence, cost reduction, technology changes, and feature enhancements. Veritech can help reengineer your product to improve manufacturing process.

Compliance Engineering Services: compliance engineering services for Hardware product companies - for RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) helping these hardware engineering firm meet government directives.


Intel x86, ARM7 DMI, Freescale, Renesas, Intel network processors, Xscale architecture devices, Intel microcontrollers.
Intel IXP series, Vitesse, Mindspeed, Motorola C Port C5, Agere Payload, Clearwater, ARM9/11/Cortex, Hitachi, MIPS, TI OMAP
Linux, OSE, QNX, VxWorks, WinCE, nSOS, Windows NT - RT, Nudes, RT Kernel, DSPBIOS, EPOC, ITRON, ThreadX, OSEK


 BSP, device drivers, firmware, diagnostics, boot loaders  Multimedia including audio, video, imaging and speech components, USB, FireWire, UART  Telecom and networking protocol and wireless development and  Automotive networks, Telematics
Through our tie ups, our lab offers full compliance tests for OEM products as per applicable industry standards like IEC, EN, CISPR, FCC, ASTM or other customers' specifications.


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